School Photography

Tell me a little about the process.

I offer parents a more custom and boutique option for school portraits than your average school portrait provider.  I pride myself on capturing a technically sound photograph that accentuates each child’s individual personality. I don’t like the word “cheese” - and I do not believe in forcing a smile. I thrive on authenticity and natural expressiveness. I believe I have a service that parents crave for marking these fleeting school memories and I know that this program will definitely add value to your school. I shoot all the portraits myself and provide everything needed for ordering and processing payments. I minimally interrupt classroom schedules and provide a unique product to your families.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have a general liability policy. I am happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.

Do you have a contract?

I do have a simple contract which outlines the basic services I provide to your school, as well as details on the revenue share with your school. The contract covers basic topics such as safety, liability, logistics, payments and scheduling. I are more than happy to provide a copy of said contract for your review.

Where do you take the pictures?

I often shoot outdoors, preferably under some type of canopy or breezeway. I would like to work with you in the weeks preceding our shoot to determine together the best possible places for shooting. Safety is my first priority, second only to ideal lighting conditions, which are best achieved by the use of natural sunlight. 

Will the school need to hire an assistant for you?

The school will not need to change anything to accommodate me. I will be present during our shooting day(s) and can provide additional assistants if necessary.

How long does the whole process take?

After I shoot the pictures, it will take approximately 3-6 weeks before prints are released to the parents. I will personally deliver all of the products to the school, unless the parents note otherwise on the order form.

Will we have to re-schedule for inclement weather?

It is not likely that I will have to make adjustments because of the weather, but in the event of thunderstorms or unsafe conditions, it may be in our best interest to select another day. Clouds will not deter me, unless there is extreme cloud cover. Rain will only keep me from shooting if it is intense and windy.  I will make every effort to stay on schedule despite the weather.

What does it cost for families?

I offer print packages as well as digital negatives, which parents can print themselves. My smallest print packages are between $35 and $45, and my digital negative collections begin at $45. I also offer the option to purchase single sheets of photos starting at $14.  I also offer custom studio products, such as gallery wraps and framed enlargements.

How do parents pay you?

I will provide printed order forms prior to portrait day and allow parents to order additional prints after portrait day through my online ordering system.

Do you partner with the school on revenue?

I am happy to provide your school with a generous percentage of all net profits. Please allow up to 6 weeks after delivery of school products to receive this gift.